Posted on Feb 18, 2014 in Implant Design, Implant Information

Implants in visually critical areas are as much art as it is science.  Conditions driving recommendations for implants could be one of many; failing bridge, tooth lose due to fracture or accident or failed treatment, but we take these cases far more seriously as it is integral to the individuals smile and appearance.  Patients considering this treatment need to be certain both the dentist and surgical team placing the implant are capable of delivering satisfactory results. Achieving a truly natural appearance requires a deep understanding of not only the characteristics of color and reflective properties of natural teeth have but also an equally if not deeper understanding of the available materials to rebuild the illusion of something real.....   Our teeth are in a sense "jewels" and rightly should be treated as precious.  I personally have found a wonderful world of fascinating dynamics which created deep passion to understand more.  

 I would love to share this passion that I have developed to those of you who have either been disappointed with existing dentistry or facing an unfortunate failure in a critical area.....


  • Overshadow indicates implant restoration.

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