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Why do I need cleanings and exam every 6 months?


Hygiene appointment, cleanings

Bi -annual cleaning appointments are driven primarily by what insurance companies allow.  The primary benefit to you has less to do with the actual cleaning but mostly early diagnosis and prevention.  What we are monitoring during your visit are possible changes or signs of pathology occurring around the soft tissue and bone that support  your teeth.   Measurements are taken every six months and if we are observing changes- treatment may be indicated to prevent further damage and costly treatment down the road. 

The exam following the hygiene procedure allows the doctor to examine your teeth and tissue confirming any problem areas the hygienist observed and for small lesions that could be covered up by tarter or plaque. 

You should know that maintaining stable oral health is primarily up to you.   90% of stability comes from what you do on a daily basis.  Our hygienists are your most valuable resource in making certain you are making the most of the products used on a daily basis to brush and floss effectively.   The more you understand about your own mouth will ultimately help you minimize how often we need to be involved.  This is our goal….

Your hygiene appointment is your best chance of reducing costs in the dental office over your lifetime.   Treating disease early substantially reduces the potential cost to recover.  


For more information see The American Dental Association’s public resource page:

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