I have always had a dream of having straight teeth but at age 59 I did not want to wear braces. I wanted to walk into the dentist 's office and walk out with straight teeth like the extreme makeover folks! Dr Kormylo was a perfectionist. After several consultations, he had a plan. Best of all I had straight, very natural looking teeth and no pain. My experience couldn't have been better in any way. ~ Rossi 

I went to a dentist in Atlanta who took x-rays and said the tooth needed a root canal and a crown. After calling around it seemed that it would be almost $3,000 in total cost. Since it was such a serious procedure I decided to drive to Greenville to use Dr. Kormylo. When he looked at the x-rays, he said he thought there was a chance that he could save the tooth without a root canal. While he knew he could make a lot more money just performing the root canal, he's such a perfectionist that he looked at it as a challenge to save the tooth. The end result was the tooth being repaired without a root canal, and since he repaired it, I no longer needed a crown. I ended up with a perfect looking tooth at a small fraction of what I initially expected to pay. While everyone's situation is different, I would highly recommend Dr. Kormylo. He is a perfectionist and clearly has the patient's long-term dental health in mind, rather than just trying to make a quick buck and move on to the next patient (which it seems like most dentists do) ~ Kevin  

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