Posted on May 3, 2014 in Frequently Asked Questions, Materials

Is this a mercury free practice?

Yes.  We use primarily two materials to repair natural teeth.  For fillings,  we recommend tooth colored materials also known as “bonding” and or “Composite”  This material is a resin based formula filled with microscopic glass filler particles for better durability.  It hardens under ultraviolet light and is used to repair smaller areas of damage. 

For larger areas, or crowned teeth in need of replacement, we recommend metal free ceramic to repair the tooth.  Ceramic materially is remarkably similar to enamel in many ways and offers the most lifelike and superior biological integration to teeth with substantial damage. 

Both materials are applied to teeth using ultraviolet light creating a seal that prevents bacteria and moisture from invading the most vulnerable areas where damage most likely occurs. 


Below are examples of what is typically seen under aging filings and what the process looks like as we finish the repairs.


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