A Product Refined


It may sound old-fashioned but our office builds relationships one patient at a time.  Our marketing solely relies on satisfied patients referring others  who may be looking for exceptional healthcare.

Oral health is a delicate balance and requires attention to detail and routine maintenance.  Many oral disease processes set in well before patients feel or experience any pain so the road to rebuilding stability can be a long one, and at times, expensive, intimidating and uncomfortable. We make every effort to walk along side our patients as partners, working together for a common goal.        

 The most common dental problems such as root canals, cavities, cracked teeth and sensitivity are completely preventable!  The precursor to the above mentioned is far too often a bite that is out of balance.  Truly, the best dental care means less dentistry and more time in treating disease before it becomes destructive to teeth. One hygienist, one dentist and one patient at a time.  Treasure your teeth like we do and keep them for life!





 "If rebuilding or repairing a tooth requires a crown, let's make it the best it can be.  It's my obsession"