Posted on Feb 16, 2014 in Implant Information

_MG_0833Implants serve primarily two purposes.  Replacing  individually missing teeth or used to support a prosthetic where multiple are missing perhaps even support a complete denture.  Complete upper and lower dentures


This article will provide general information about implants but as you scroll down through our posts, more descriptive articles will be available.  Traditionally,  implants were developed to replace the root portion of a missing tooth.  

This is an x-ray showing an example.  Here, the implant is attached to the irregular grey appearing part of the film which is bone.  Traditional implants will have a threaded periphery but the core will appear hollow.  This core allows for an (abutment) which are often customized to support the size of the tooth to be replaced.   The lower section is called a titanium abutment which will support the crown cemented once placed in the mouth.

Generally, when teeth are lost, bone and soft tissue collapse.  This tissue loss can be prevented if handled properly.  Implants in more visually critically areas must be handled by only the best surgeons with extensive experience to reconstruct an artificial tooth blending perfectly as if it were natural.   Please scroll down the posts if you would like to learn more about specific targeted treatment.

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