Why is Dr. K not on our Preferred Provider list?

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Why is Dr. K not on our Preferred Provider list?

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We believe dental insurance plans provide a tremendous service for those who need more routine care and maintenance.  However, when treatment needs become well beyond what dental benefits typically allow, finding a sustainable solution involves using the best materials and technique.  We simply believe patients should have the option to choose what is best for them without Insurance interfering.    Contracted dentists in PPO networks are limited in many ways in choosing products used to restore teeth.  Although the direct benefit to patients may be financial savings and convenience, every filling or crown procedure inherently involves removing more of your natural tooth.  Our best materials and techniques will translate into less treatment over your lifetime if you are dedicated to maintainence.

We do however, like most dental offices,  accept all forms of dental insurance plans and as a service to our patients file claims and follow them up.   Please contact our front office for questions related to our dental insurance policy. 

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